Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mid Year Show

sianisasian (sian is asian or sian is a sian)
sian as an ass
sian is an assassin
sian is san_ (sane)
sian is a _anana (banana)
sian is insan_(insane)
sian is a sain_ (saint)
sian, as in sian.
sian, as is.
sian sans sian= (sian without sian = nothing)
an a__is_ is sian (artist)
sian is an anis_ (anise/ ie. sian is a star)
sian is in a nanas ass
sian is a nana
sian sins

These are the videos that are playing on the three screens in the sculpture.
Some correlate to the text on the walls, some aren't on wall but still use my letters ie snail, or the builder could be "sian nails"...others are red herrings but if you come up with something let me know!:

Asian, Photographer, Astronomer, Snail

Nana, Builder, Saint, Banana

Artist, Doctor, Assassin, Ass