Monday, December 12, 2011

Untitled Installation V

This is what I presented for the final show in my fourth year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Whitecliffe College of Art and Design.

The installation was of a cardboard sculpture as you can see with three films, and a second sculpture that had four speakers each playing a different track of the sound of tape being ripped from the roll and of the sound of cutting the corrugated cardboard, in the sculpture it sounded quite muffled and odd.

Here's a film of the installation:

You may view the three films here:

Love, over

Left right, rong right

Pear film was too big to upload to blogspot but it is here on youtube:

Sian Huygens


Untitled V

Mixed media

Dimensions variable

“When you are dealing with language, there is no edge that the picture drops over or drops off . . . Language, because it is the most non objective thing we have ever developed in this world, never stops” (Weiner as cited in Osborne, 2002, pg. 230).

Cutting corrugated cardboard [Audio playing in stereo, TIME, looped].

Tape [Audio playing in stereo, TIME, looped].

Love, over [Stop motion, 4.7 seconds, looped].

Left Right, Rong Right [Photograph, 10.5 x 14.8cm, transferred to DVD].

Pear film [1.02 minutes, looped].

Osborne, P. (2002). Conceptual art. London, England: Phaidon.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Untitled Installation IV

Practice installation for my end of year show, with the two different sides of cardboard, and the sound in the same sculpture as the films rather than on its own as in Untitled V.

Also one video was taken out from this one and swapped with Love, over from Installation I.
You can view the film Letter stacking here:

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My boyfriend filmed me masticating

This is actually from May but I never uploaded it.
For our Fourth Year Show at Whitecliffe College we worked with instructional art, all writing instructions and putting them in a hat for each other to pick out and make art with=)
The instructions I got were:

Make food,
Chew and spit out, chew and spit out,
Offer food to exhibition guests.

This was my display with recipes offered to the guests.

The video is available here:



I love the way that language is continually morphing and changing, these slightly ridiculous acronyms are now commonplace.

Untitled Installation III

A steer was ascending the stairs and I stared.

Untitled Installation II

Adaptation of Installation I but without the moving image, and experimenting with the cardboard sculptures painted white.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Untitled (Installation I)

My latest work...

Two artist statements, take your pick! Videos of the film reel countdown things uploaded shortly...

Sian Huygens, 2011, Love, Over (Installation Study I), Mixed media, Dimensions variable.

The process of breaking up a long-term relationship is not straightforward. Nor is the reading of the artwork made throughout this time. Language is often our primary means of communicating in a clear and straightforward manner. This installation presents the written language in a way that is not so clear and displays the language as being a bit more fragmented and unreadable, likening it to my emotional state of late. Some words may appear but then disappear. Does the film reel countdown read lover,
or love…over?

Sian Huygens, 2011, Untitled (Installation Study I), Mixed media, Dimensions variable.

As humans, written and spoken language is often our primary means of communication. It is a way of getting our message across in a clear and straightforward manner. But how clear is it? Language is so incredibly complex-there are words inside of words, words that sound like other words, anagrams, puns, homonyms, synonyms, metaphors… Are we really communicating coherently? The word EAT morphs into ATE, and then reads TEA. Did he want heroin or a heroine? There really is no straightforward way of communicating, but there is a lot to be explored in its ambiguity.

Lover, Love, Over...

(looped and projected from inside the smaller sculpture)


(looped and played on tv screen inside larger sculpture)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mid Year Show

sianisasian (sian is asian or sian is a sian)
sian as an ass
sian is an assassin
sian is san_ (sane)
sian is a _anana (banana)
sian is insan_(insane)
sian is a sain_ (saint)
sian, as in sian.
sian, as is.
sian sans sian= (sian without sian = nothing)
an a__is_ is sian (artist)
sian is an anis_ (anise/ ie. sian is a star)
sian is in a nanas ass
sian is a nana
sian sins

These are the videos that are playing on the three screens in the sculpture.
Some correlate to the text on the walls, some aren't on wall but still use my letters ie snail, or the builder could be "sian nails"...others are red herrings but if you come up with something let me know!:

Asian, Photographer, Astronomer, Snail

Nana, Builder, Saint, Banana

Artist, Doctor, Assassin, Ass